Virtual Audit

Virtual Energy Efficiency Audit

NYPA Leverages NYEM Platform to Assist Customers with Contractual Energy Efficiency Audit Requirement.

As part of its commitment to customers as a trusted energy advisor, NYPA requires economic development power customers to perform energy efficiency audits at the customer’s facilities. The audits help to provide energy saving recommendations that may provide additional value to customers and potentially lower the company’s carbon footprint.

The virtual audit is conducted within NYPA’s New York Energy Manager (NYEM) platform. Instead of an in-person audit of the facility, customers are provided this low-cost audit option which requires logging into NYEM, inputting facility data, providing alternative fuel source data, completing a questionnaire, and providing information on capital energy projects conducted at the facility. When completed, the customer is provided energy efficiency recommendations within NYEM and an on-demand facility performance report.

For current NYPA customers that wish to sign up for the virtual audit, contact your NYPA Account Executive to begin the contract execution and enrollment process. Once completed, you can log on to the NYEM platform using the below link or access the platform from the NYEM dashboard in the Account Center. The Google Chrome web browser is required to properly view the site layout.

For any questions related to the NYEM platform or Virtual Audit please contact New York Energy Manager at or call 518-446-6236.

Virtual Audit Training Video

NYEM Training Video Still

Virtual Audit Training Video