New York’s Own Resources Generate Nearly 25% of the State’s Power

Power generation is at the heart of NYPA’s mission—and the core of our business. NYPA is the largest state public power utility in the country. Thanks largely to NYPA’s three large-scale hydroelectric plants, New York State is able to produce a substantial portion of statewide power needs. And because 70% of that power is hydroelectric, it’s generated without fossil fuels and their related emissions. New York State generates more power from hydro than any state east of the Rocky Mountains. In fact, our clean generation sources and the fact that New Yorkers use less—and spend less on—electricity per capita than the citizens of any other state in the country make New York a national energy leader.

The Energy of New York

NYPA operates generating facilities throughout the state. More than 70 percent of the power we generate is clean hydropower.

How NYPA Hydroelectric Generation Works