BuildSmart 2025

Energy Savings for all State Buildings

BuildSmart 2025 is an initiative that's helping New York State achieve its revolutionary energy goals to make it more affordable, cleaner, and resilient for all New Yorkers. The State's commitment to promoting clean energy solutions and tackling climate change has been reinforced by recent Executive Orders and state legislation, establishing New York as a national leader in this field. 

At the core of this mission is energy efficiency, and our BuildSmart program has helped state entities meet ambitious energy efficiency targets.

BuildSmart 2025 – the collective effort to achieve 11 trillion BTU of energy savings at state facilities by 2025 – was reaffirmed by Governor Hochul’s Executive Order 22, reinforcing New York State’s energy and sustainability goals. Organizations work with us to achieve their energy savings targets. 

BuildSmart 2025 builds on the success of the original BuildSmart NY initiative, which mandated a 20% improvement in energy efficiency in state buildings by 2020. The program aims to coordinate compliance and drive state facilities to meet the 11 trillion BTU reduction target, providing support and assistance to state entities to achieve this goal.

We encourage you to explore the BuildSmart 2025 Program Guidelines and take advantage of the resources provided to help you meet your energy-saving targets. The Program Guidelines provide examples of reasonable justifications for exemption requests, and more information. Click the links on this page to learn more about the BuildSmart 2025 Program, and we look forward to working with you to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable future for New York State.