Audits and Feasibility Assessments Identify Efficiency and Savings Opportunities

Our audit and feasibility assessments identify efficiency and energy savings opportunities including alternative power generation, and maintenance and monitoring improvements.

Serving as a trusted and impartial marketplace advisor, NYPA will:

  • Analyze costs and historic utility use (including electric, oil, gas, and steam).
  • Develop an Energy Utilization Index (EUI) for each selected site.
  • Have a certified engineer conduct a facility survey.
  • Produce a project and cost savings analysis for energy savings measures.
  • Determine greenhouse gas reductions that can be achieved through the implementation of recommended energy measures.
  • Create an inventory of potential capital improvements that warrant future implementation.
  • Recommend changes to operations and maintenance procedures to lower energy use.


Assessment Services Description
Virtual Audits  Virtual Audits provide integral benchmarking data, enabling customers to decide where to focus their efforts in an efficient and effective manner.
Technology Assessments Technology Assessments focus on evaluation of a specific technology relevant to a customer’s facility. These assessments help customers determine how cutting-edge technology can help achieve energy efficiency results.
Feasibility Studies Feasibility Studies combine cost estimates with the technical components of a Technology Assessment, enabling customers to determine the viability of moving forward on an energy efficiency project.
ASHRAE Audits (Level I-III) ASHRAE helps to standardize the auditing process. There are three levels: Level I offers a basic walk-through analysis, Level II goes more in-depth, and Level III provides an investment-grade analysis.
Energy Master Plans An all-encompassing audit, Energy Master Plans evaluate all energy opportunities in a detailed manner. The plans developed become a road map for a long-term capital improvement program.