NYPA's Values

Our values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect our beliefs. They define who we aspire to be as an organization and how we will lead.  Our values communicate the essence of the NYPA’s identity and serve as important recruiting and retention tools.

Values Behaviors
We work for the greater good and a stronger, sustainable NY  
  • Serve the interests of our primary customer— the people of NY State
  • Be a responsible steward of state resources
  • Make decisions for the long-term
  • Advance the state's leadership and the just transition to clean energy
We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, safety and excellence
  • Take personal responsibility for your and others' safety
  • Be honest and ethical
  • Balance quality, speed and value to meet the mission
  • Own the result, deliver on your commitments and be accountable for your actions
We are resilient and use our ingenuity to make big things happen
  • Anticipate, plan and manage for the future 
  • Approach opportunities with curiosity, flexibility and optimism
  • Look for ways to make things better, faster and more efficient
  • Try, learn, adjust course when needed, recover quickly and keep trying
We draw strength from our diversity— everyone contributes, everyone belongs
  • Seek out, listen to and respect different perspectives and backgrounds  
  • Foster an environment where people feel safe to be themselves
  • Advocate for what we believe, speak up and set a positive example
  • Be fair and equitable with opportunities and recognition
We work as one team, putting our trust and confidence in each other
  • Consider how your actions, decisions and work may impact others  
  • Share information, ask for input and involve others
  • Give, receive and seek out feedback
  • Create opportunities for others to learn, develop and reach their potential