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DIVERSITY, EQUITY and INCLUSION (DEI): Encompasses an organization’s mission, strategies and practices to support a diverse workplace, community and supply chain.

Our commitment to DEI compels us to embrace the characteristics that make our employees unique; provide equal access and opportunity for employees and strategic partners to mitigate societal inequities; and create an environment where every employee, business partner and community advocate feels valued. Visit our DEI webpage for more including Podcasts, news, and details about our DEI Journey.

NYPA’s 10 Point Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan: 

  1.  Reaffirm NYPA’s commitment to building and maintain a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.

  2.  Ensure that our processes, policies, and procedures are transparent and free from bias.

  3.  Expand ongoing training to our employees on antiracism, unconscious bias, microaggression, and cultural competency.

  4.  Create a Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer position, reporting to the President and CEO and the Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer—and increase investment in the office of Civil Rights and Inclusion.

  5.  Invest in our Black employees and create pathways for career development and upward mobility.

  6.  Cast a wider net and secure a diverse slate of applicants for vacancies by partnering with professional organizations such as the American Association of Blacks in Energy, Historically Black Colleges and Universities and local and national colleges and universities.

  7.  Partner and support of employee unions at the national, regional and local levels and invest in their diversity, equity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

  8.  Leverage NYPA’s experience, resources and purchasing power to build capacity and access to MWBE firms.

  9.  Broaden our community-based STEM, student internship and mentorship programs to increase the pipeline of utility and clean energy workers of tomorrow—including the creation of a targeted college scholarship program.

  10.  Create an enterprise wide employee service program dedicated to understanding racial justice through our clean energy business (e.g. community solar) and energy sustainability work in environmental justice communities.