Foundational Pillars to Ensure Success

Digitization  |  Environmental, Social & Governance  |  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  |  Resilience  |  Resource Alignment

DIGITIZATION: accomplishments since the NYPA 2020 strategic plan include the development of three digital hubs (AGILe, iSOC, NY Energy Manager); driving digital project execution while strengthening IT infrastructure and capabilities; and establishing a Digital Transformation Office.

Continuing prior efforts aimed at creating the first end-to-end digital utility, NYPA will:

  • Incubate and drive development and testing of emerging technologies to meet the needs of the organization and a decarbonized, decentralized grid
  • Build a data-driven culture that leverages analytics to support smarter decisions and resource optimization
  • Enable our distributed workforce with access to IT infrastructure and customized services with seamless integration
  • Deliver automation technologies and digital-enabled standard solutions to optimize business processes and increase workplace productivity
  • Deliver state of the art cyber solutions to minimize risks associated with digital technology


3 Digital Hubs
50+ Projects completed or in active delivery
1 Digital Transformation Office

By the Numbers