Our Goal

We’re working to make New York even better for electric vehicles by building a network of fast, affordable, and reliable public charging stations. We’re adding chargers in key places along major highways and at the airports, investing up to $250 million through 2025 to improve the infrastructure and raise awareness of the benefits of driving electric.

Fast Means Fast

• 15-30 minute EV charging • Available 24/7/365 • Pull up & plug in – anytime – the network can accommodate the fastest-charging vehicles of today and the near-future

Charging Overview:

200 chargers, 50 locations by the end of 2021 = EVolve NY will form a robust network that will enable drivers to travel all of New York State with confidence:
  • Installed at intervals of 50 miles, on average
  • Easy on/off access, from highway exits and in key urban hubs
  • Four chargers per location, on average
  • Located at shopping plazas, convenience stores, and supermarkets, with safe access to food, restrooms, and shelter

Transparent, affordable pricing:

Starting at $0.35 per kWh of electricity delivered to the car. Most sessions cost below $30.

See FAQs for a more detailed example of charging costs.


24/7/365 support for payment and charging issues

  • Call center (see map for specific phone numbers by location) will help drivers troubleshoot issues while at a charging site.
  • Peace of mind and reliability are EVolve NY’s top  priorities — if users cannot initiate their charge themselves, the help line will remotely begin the session.

General questions?

We want to hear from you — customer satisfaction is our highest priority. If you have questions, comments, or non-urgent issues, we will address them. Reach out to us at EVolveNY@nypa.gov.