NYPA Releasing Water at Long Sault Dam

NYPA Releasing Water at Long Sault Dam 

For Immediate Release: 06/17/20

Contact:  Karen White | Karen.white@nypa.gov | (315) 764-6863

Members of the Public Warned to Use Caution On and Around the River

MASSENA—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) is reminding members of the public to be aware of potential changes in water conditions on the St. Lawrence River and along its shoreline.

NYPA is anticipating the release of water from the Long Sault Dam will take place through the month of July. The release of water through the control structure can cause significant change in the South Channel of the St. Lawrence River. Temporary signage posted at various locations around Robert Moses State Park are in place cautioning the public to be aware of changes to water conditions both upstream and downstream of the Long Sault Dam.

Members of the public should:

  • Always use caution on the river and riverbanks
  • When boating, keep back a minimum of 800 feet – more than two football fields – from all dams – the Iroquois Dam in Waddington, the Long Sault Dam spillway on the South Channel and the Robert Moses Power Dam in Massena – on both the upstream and downstream sides
  • Swim only at Barnhart Island Beach
  • Be aware of changing river conditions and strong currents that could pose a hazard to swimmers in any area and be dangerous for boaters and fishermen.


See and share Safety Information flyer.

Outflows from Lake Ontario are established on a weekly basis by the International Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Board. The Board, in conjunction with its staff, continues to monitor and reassess conditions on an ongoing basis. Information on hydrologic conditions, water levels and outflows, including graphics and photos, are available on the Board’s website and Facebook page.  

For more information on how NYPA manages needs for water and power production, please visit “The Moses-Saunders Dam & the Balance of Water and Power.”

For more information on marine conditions, visit the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System website.  


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