Syracuse Garage Lighting Project

Lighting with Advanced Controls Helps a Syracuse Parking Facility

Washington Street Garage is a 1,250-car city-owned public parking garage in downtown Syracuse. Recognizable by its bright red uprights, arched bays, and glass pavilions on the rooftop, the garage is nestled in the midst of a resurgent commercial and residential area on the west edge of downtown and is used daily by hundreds of downtown workers. 

Increasing demand for around-the-clock parking led the City to open the garage to 24-hour use in the fall of 2014.  With the new additional lighting hours, electrical usage jumped by 45%. The City sought a lighting solution that would reduce energy use, operational costs, and maintenance, while keeping the garage safely lit at all times.

NYPA recommended LED replacement fixtures with integrated sensors. A one-for-one replacement project was funded by a combination of a NYPA Five Cities Formula Grant ($133,000), Syracuse capital improvement funds ($100,000), and energy efficiency rebates from the local utility ($138,500). 

The city selected American-made LED fixtures with adjustable high and low settings, integrated motion sensors, and integrated photocells to replace the aging high-pressure sodium lights. Syracuse chose to self-implement, hiring additional local electricians from IBEW Local 43 to work with city electricians.

The project's cost savings make up for the increased hours—and more.

"In the first year after this project was completed, our electrical usage at the garage was down 65%. This project is a great example of the positive results that can come from cooperative state and local partnerships."  - Rebecca Klossner, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Syracuse
$62,000 saved annually
705,000 kWh of energy saved annually
160 metric tons of CO2 (equivalent) saved annually

Syracuse Parking Project Results