Rochester Lighting Project

Lighting Upgrade in Eight Rochester Buildings

A major lighting retrofit project in Rochester replaced T-8 fluorescent lighting tubes with LED tubes in facilities all around the city: City Hall, the Public Safety Building, the Operations and Vehicle Maintenance Center, the Solid Waste Management Division's building, the Parks Operations building, Mount Hope Cemetery, Riverside Cemetery, and the Hemlock Water Operations Center. Altogether, Rochester replaced 21,000 lights—enough 4-foot tubes to stretch 48 miles.

Many of Rochester's municipal buildings used fluorescent tube lighting, which required more maintenance and used more electricity than other options on the market.

Rochester had an allocation of $862,000 in formula grant funding from NYPA for energy saving projects across the city. City staff and the NYPA Customer Energy Solutions team analyzed a range of possibilities and ranked them by energy savings and cost of implementation. Rochester chose to spend $142,839 of the funds on lighting improvements in eight buildings to save money, save energy, improve lighting for city workers, and reduce maintenance time and expense.

NYPA helped Rochester select vendors and LED products. Workers replaced approximately 21,000 four-foot T-8 fluorescents with LED T8s.

Rochester's investment in energy efficient is estimated to pay for itself within a year, as the city is estimated to save $231,517 in energy costs. Those savings will continue yearly, and overall savings from lower maintenance and replacement will also add to the value of the project. 


$231,517 saved annually
2,104,706 kWh of energy saved annually
1,479 metric tons of CO2 (equivalent) saved annually

Rochester Lighting Project Results & Estimated Savings