Reforming the Energy Vision for NY

Through Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s REV initiative, New York State has become a nationwide leader in evolving the infrastructure and business model of the energy industry. Rapid changes in the way energy is produced, sold, distributed, monitored, and used, along with society’s increasing reliance on electric power, have made it critically important to think about energy delivery in new ways. REV is using the best ideas of citizens, energy business experts, and government leaders to create a clean, resilient, and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. NYPA is one of the key creators and implementers of REV initiatives.

"New York is at the epicenter of revolutionary change in the energy industry."
—Gil Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO
NYPA Programs, Services and Initiatives Support REV
BuildSmart NY is working with every government department to cut energy consumption at all state buildings.
NYPA offers financing for many public alternative energy and energy efficiency projects.
NYPA leads the way in building New York's next-generation Energy Highway.
NYPA's ReCharge NY program has kept jobs and attracted investment throughout the state.
Through the Charge NY program, NYPA and other state entities have been installing new charging infrastructure for electric cars.


New York Creates the Future of Energy Distribution

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