FAQs & Other Network Information

EV charging station hierarchy of terminology:

  • Network (made up of many locations across New York State)
  • Station (single site, typically with four chargers)
  • Charger (one vehicle plugs into one charger, which is capable of charging all EVs)
  • Plug (two per charger, for all types of EVs, only capable of charging one EV at a time)
A: Yes, as long as the vehicle has fast charging capability. Tesla vehicles can charge via the CHAdeMO port and an adapter.
A: All major New York roadways, including at least one location in every economic development region of New York State.
A: Charging will generally take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on how empty the EV battery is at the beginning of the charge event, the desired battery charge level and the vehicle’s charging speed (older EV models generally charge at slower rates).
A: Let’s use an example with a hypothetical price of $0.35 per kWh (the standard unit of energy in your EV’s battery). The largest EV batteries on the market today are nearly 100 kWh. Thus, charging that battery from 0% to 100% would cost $35. Charging from 20% to 80%, which is recommended to optimize battery health, would cost $0.35/kWh * 60% * 100 kWh = $21.
A: Visa and Mastercard are accepted via chip insert, while American Express and Discover cards are available via swipe. EVolve NY chargers will also accept mobile pay as well as on-line payment through various apps.

A: You can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/evolvenys for news and updates. We also host quarterly calls designed for EV advocates and enthusiasts to stay up to date on construction progress as well as special topics related to EV charging. If you’d like to join, simply email your request here: nys-electric-vehicle-advocates@googlegroups.com.