NYPA Develops Advanced Grid Lab

Rapid technological changes in energy use, data, and generation have led NYPA to create an advanced laboratory facility to test, model, and create new solutions for energy systems. The Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILe) positions New York State as a global center for electric grid research. The lab is operated under the auspices of the New York Power Authority. Scroll this webpage for information about our research areas, capabilities, projects, team members and much more.

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Advanced T&D Applications: The lab will be able to simulate large portions of the transmission grid, testing the impacts of distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, energy storage, etc.

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Cyber Security: AGILe will allow research to study the impacts and challenges of cyber incidents on the grid.

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Sensors: The lab will provide the ability to test new sensing technologies and the development of algorithms for maximizing sensor data.

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Automation: Which is changing system operation and maintenance. Testing and modeling automated systems will allow for more reliable deployment.

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Controllers: Modeling and testing power electronic controllers will help engineers evaluate and choose among emerging technologies.

AGILe at Work

NYPA's Advanced Grid Innovation Lab for Energy allows real-time modeling of New York's energy grid, suggests improvements and simulates the impact of new technologies.


AGILe at Work

Did You Know?

The Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILe) is a world-class power systems laboratory, with a simulation and testing facility, established in 2017 by the New York Power Authority (NYPA), the largest state electric utility in the nation. AGILe is able to provide electric utilities, governments, universities, high-tech businesses and others, from around the world, with a wide range of research and development tools. This work can help strengthen infrastructure, fast-track commercialization of new technologies and expand renewable energy integration. AGILe will accelerate improvements to New York’s energy infrastructure, and lead to a more reliable and efficient electric grid. The lab helps utilities design and test new technologies that acquire and process power systems data so participants can understand the impacts of changes to the power grid.

Find out more about AGILe capabilities, events and news:


  • Real-time simulation of end-to-end grid including development of detailed NYS grid models
  • Hardware/software-in-the-loop equipment testing for digital substation automation and control
  • Simulation of communication systems and cyber security events
  • Economic analysis and evaluation of technical solutions

Use Cases

Equipment Configuration and Testing:

  • Test equipment in realistic field conditions
  • Validate the performance of novel technologies

Novel System Protection Schemes:

  • Validate protective relaying behavior and settings
  • De-risk novel protection schemes

Digital Substation and IEC 61850:

  • Create replicas of substation intelligent electronic devices
  • Perform closed-loop testing using communication protocols

Distribution Automation and DERMS:

  • Simulate the performance of distribution automation system
  • Integrate distributed energy resources and storage

Cyber Security:

  • Create testbeds used for tabletop exercises
  • Evaluate and test intrusion detection and mitigation schemes

Future Direction

AGILe Phase II: View Rendering

  • Stand-alone lab facility constructed by NYPA
  • Expanded lab equipment and capabilities
  • Extended collaborations and stakeholder engagement
  • Sustainable operating model

Interested in our AGILe Lab Projects? We will be sharing information this webpage about them, including:

NYPA Internal Projects

  1. NYPA Convertible Static Compensator (CSC) Control System and Development of a CSC Real-Time Digital Simulation Model
  2. Moses-Adirondack Advanced Power Flow Control - Line Protection Study
  3. Travelling Wave Protection Demonstration

Collaborative External Projects

  1. Photovoltaic Analysis and Response Support (PARS) Platform for Solar Situation Awareness and Resiliency Services
  2. Enable BTM DER-provided Grid Services that Maximize Customer and Grid Benefits (ENGAGE)
  3. Deep Learning Malware
  4. Federated Architecture for Secure and Transactive Distributed Energy Resource Management Solutions (FAST-DERMS)
  5. Model Translation for High Performing Smart Grid Applications
  6. Real-Time Interconnection Studies and Control of New York Offshore Wind
  7. Asynchronous Distributed and Adaptive Parameter Tuning (ADAPT) for Hybrid PV Plants
  8. Stability Impact Analysis of New York Power Grid with Ultra-high Penetration of Inverter-interfaced Energy Resources
  9. Wide-Area Damping Control
  10. Next Generation Grid Monitoring and Control
  11. Advanced Short-Circuit Modeling, Analysis and Protection Schemes Design for Systems with Renewables - NYPA Case Study
  12. Streaming Synchrophasor Data Quality (SSDQ)
  13. Synchrophasor-Based Closed-Loop Control Performance Requirements
  14. PMU Emulator
  15. Improved Power Grid Adaptability and Responsiveness with Modular and Scalable Transmission Devices
  16. Using Modular Power Flow Control Technology to Reduce the Curtailment of Wind Powered Generation and to Enable Further Integration of Wind Resources in New York
  17. Protective Relaying Concerns and Solutions under High Renewable Penetration in the New York State Grid
  18. Integrated Multi-Fidelity Model and Co-Simulation Platform for Distribution System Transient and Dynamic Analysis (DistribuDyn)
  19. Universal Interoperability for grid-Forming Inverters Consortium (UNIFI)

AGILe-Funded Projects

  1. Coordinated Voltage Control for Offshore Wind
  2. ISO/DSO Co-Simulation Platform (IDCSP) for Dynamic DER Management
  3. Incorporating Dispatch in RTDS