FAQs for Group Visits at the Niagara Power Vista

Thank you for your interest in scheduling a group visit to the Niagara Power Vista—the new must-see attraction in the Niagara region. We welcome all groups and families.

The Niagara Power Vista is where science meets the playground—an exciting, interactive adventure from the New York Power Authority designed for inquisitive minds of all ages. You will understand electricity through the eyes of pioneers like Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison as well as modern-day scientists. Experience what it was like to build one of the largest hydro plants and then see how it provides power to the world’s largest machine—the U.S. electrical grid.

For guest safety and security, we provide exterior views, 3D animations and high definition video of the plant’s generating equipment rather than visits to interior operating areas. Giant screens also let you experience the majesty and power of Niagara Falls, which sparked the idea to make power here.

Then hold on tight after taking a seat in the state-of-the-art 4-D theatre. You’ll feel the transformation from water to hydroelectricity as you fall through the clouds, race through penstocks and zip through the transmission lines across New York.

Think you have the right stuff to power homes and businesses? Our simulated challenges give you the chance to build a dam, operate a power plant and control the state’s transmission network. Talk about power! And if that doesn’t make your hair stand on end, the Van de Graaff generator will. You’ll be charged up as you experience the effect of high volts without the jolts. Now that’s a picture!

The fun doesn’t end when you leave. Your photos, scores and experiences are stored on your personalized Power Player RFID card like the ones used at theme parks and rock concerts. You can pull them up later on your smart phone or home computer. Who has the power? You do!


Adding your photo to your pre-registered Power Player Badge is easy. It can be done at any time throughout your  visit but only at the Registration Kiosks located in the reception area. Once at the Registration kiosk, touch the Power Player badge to the Power Player icon. Select “Edit Photo” from the left side of the screen. Select the image of the camera to add your photo or select one of pre-loaded Avatars. If you still have difficulty, please visit the reception desk and ask one of the NYPA staff for assistance.

Parking and admission to the Power Vista are FREE.

You can edit any information – except for photos – on any of our RFID Power Player exhibits – the exhibits with the Power Player icon. Again, photos can only be added/edited on the Registration Kiosks in the reception area of the Power Vista.

A NYPA tour guide will greet your group and provide safety instructions and a brief overview of the exhibits. Upon request, a tour guide can go on the bus. You can also request a deck presentation where a tour guide will give you a visual overview of the power plant operations while looking at the exterior view of the Robert Moses Power Project. You will then head to the exhibit floors. Depending on the group size, half of your group may be directed to the lower level to enjoy the feature film on a 30-foot by 8-foot screen, geological and construction exhibits with its challenges and photo ops while the other half is directed to the upper level, to enjoy the 4D simulated ride, Transmission Grid Table—the only one of its kind—along with other power plant simulated challenges, photos ops and the popular hair-raising experience. Once they have finished on their designated level, they can visit the remaining level to enjoy the rest of the exhibits.

The Power Vista is open daily 9:00am to 5:00pm including most holidays. We are closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It’s important to note, especially for motor coach operators, that the closing process begins at 4:45 p.m. due to the size of the building. Please schedule your visit so that there is ample time for your guests to enjoy the exhibits and breathtaking views.
How long you stay at the Niagara Power Vista depends entirely on you. With the number of exhibits and interactive challenges, you could spend four hours or more enjoying the visitor center! Don’t forget to leave us a video message about your visit at the Exit Station.
You can call the Niagara Power Vista at 716-286-6661 or 1-866-NYPA-FUN or you can click on the Schedule a Visit link.  Once we receive the date of your visit, we will send a confirmation letter and pre-registration packet. We recommend you pre-register those in your group so you have more time to enjoy the exhibits!
There is no minimum number for a group. Walk-in visitors will find plenty of assistance from our trained tour guides stationed throughout the Vista. However, we encourage all groups to pre-register so they may enjoy all that the Niagara Power Vista has to offer. 
The Niagara Power Vista has plenty of FREE parking, including motor coach and motor home parking. In fact, you may want to consider parking for free in our lots and then finishing up your visit to the area by taking the Discover Niagara Shuttle (in season) to other area attractions. More information on the shuttle and all the stops along its route is available at www.discoverniagara.org.

NYPA staff will prepare a block of cards for your group based on the number of people you have indicated are in your group. However, the time spent by your group members personalizing their cards will take away from the time you will have to spend on the exhibit floor.

Each visitor receives a Power Player badge when arriving at the Niagara Power Vista. When you tap the Power Player badge on the exhibits with a Power Player icon, the RFID technology in the Power Player badge welcomes you, provides age appropriate content and allows you to store all your photos and game challenges. You can access them from your smartphone or home computer. You take your experience home with you! If you are local, bring the badge back when you visit again and again!

This will save time in registering your Power Player badges when you arrive at the Niagara Power Vista. Once you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation letter with details of your visit, you will also receive a pre-registration form. This form has instructions and allows you to enter the names of each member of your group. For minor children, we suggest you enter the first name and last initial. Simply email the completed form to npvista@nypa.gov. From there, NYPA staff will pre-load the name of each group member on a Power Player Badge. Upon arrival, the group coordinator will receive the group pack of Power Player Badges to pass out to its members.