A Note from Our Chairman

A Note from Our Chairman

In the last five years, the NYPA 2020 strategic plan delivered clear and impactful change within our organization and for our customers.

The New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) internationally acclaimed Integrated Smart Operations Center (iSOC) monitors more than 115,000 data points from our generation and transmission assets. This and our first-in-the-nation ISO 55001 certification in Asset Management enable NYPA to operate at high efficiency.

We also use technology to unlock energy savings for our customers by monitoring energy usage of more than 17,800 customer facilities through our NY Energy Manager, which unlocks energy savings for our customers. These investments yield immediate energy and financial benefits and prepare NYPA and our customers for the future.

In this time of uncertainty, achieving a clean energy economy in New York State will be a challenge; yet it is one that must be met to ensure New York’s economic and environ- mental resilience. NYPA plays a key role in this effort as we continue stewardship of the energy and environmental resources under our care and provide affordable, reliable electricity for our customers.

We are uniquely positioned to serve our customers, given our robust asset base and financial stability. But our commitment extends beyond assets and customers; it also encompasses our employees and the communities where we operate, as all must share in the benefits of the clean energy economy.

We are pleased to present VISION2030, NYPA’s strategic plan for the next 10 years.


John R. Koelmel