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Niagara Power Project
Power Vista

What our visitors have to say:

Photo of Power Vista exhibit

…I was really glad to go on this field trip because I knew that I would acquire so much new information. My favorite exhibit there was by far the one on static electricity….My friend Ashley and I got to demonstrate. It was the most fun part of the whole field trip. If you ever get a chance, you should really visit there.

Rachel P.
City Honors

It was so much fun…If you have the chance, go to the Niagara Power Plant. You’ll have a great time and learn about hydroelectricity.

Emanuel M.
City Honors

We went on a great science field trip to Niagara Falls to see the New York Power Authority. We learned a ton. There were many exhibits but my favorite was the one I nicknamed “the power bike.” You pedaled as hard as you could.  The harder you pedaled, the more electricity you can create. I made all the way to the top past the 450-watt freezer. Hopefully you can go and explore the many different, cool, and even weird exhibits.

James G.
City Honors 

Photo of children viewing Power Vista exhibitI went to the Niagara Power Plant with school. I learned how dams work and the key components of a dam. The hands-on exhibits were really cool. They all had something to so with electricity. We did a demonstration on how static electricity works. It was cool. My hair flew up when it was my turn. It was really fun.

Max B.
City Honors

There was so much to learn there. There were tons of things to try. I really liked how it was hands-on

Jenny R.
City Honors

I took a field trip to the Niagara Power Plant in Lewiston. It was very fun.  At the power plant they take water and turn it into energy. My favorite exhibit was the artificial house…because it was like a real house and now I know how everything works. I had a lot of fun.

Deanna P.
City Honors 

It was loads of fun! I learned so much about hydroelectrical power plants, the good relations between Canada and the United States and the general history of Greater Niagara. We saw the Niagara Gorge and saw huge turbines.

Madeline H.
City Honors 

I thought all of the exhibits were cool, but my three favorites were the video, the model view of the power plant and going outside. I loved the view... I enjoyed my trip to the Niagara Power Plant and hope to visit again soon.

Diamond M.
City Honors 

It was tons of fun and I will look forward on going again. The electricity lab was my favorite! The lab had so many experiments and even a terrain map of the county!

Journey Y.
City Honors

Photo of visitors at Power Vista exhibitMy favorite exhibit was when we were outside and the tour guide was telling us how the water was sent in and out of the plant. Not only was his speech interesting, but there was a great view. The water was clear blue and some fish were actually jumping in and out of the water. It was just beautiful. You should go.

Anthony G.
City Honors

My favorite exhibit at the Niagara Power Plant was the place where you could get your picture taken with a background having to do with the Power Plant. I took tons of pictures with my friends and it was so much fun. This was my favorite exhibit because you could get something to remember this trip by.

Emily E.
City Honors

I had a great time on the field trip to the Niagara Power Plant.  I learned many things. There were many fun exhibits along with the educational tour. My favorite was probably the one with the blue screen.This is because you could take a picture with your friends while selecting a neat Niagara Falls background. Then you could e-mail it to yourself and treasure it forever. It was fun. I hope some day you could visit the Niagara Power Plant and have a really good time.

Deniz D.

I had sooo much fun! Some day you should go! You will have a great time!

Kara B.

I had a great time at the Niagara Hydroelectric Power Plant. I liked it because it was so elaborate. I bet you would like it too.

Matthew S.

I absolutely loved it!

Makayla S.