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Power Authority Subject Matter List of Records

Power Authority By-Laws

New York State Department of State Committee on Open Government

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Approved Minutes of Trustee Meetings

1994 - 2006


Subject Matter List of Records

(as updated February 2014)

Common Records
Business Services - Controller
Business Services - Financial Planning & Budgets
Business Services – Insurance Management
Business Services – Risk Management
Business Services – Treasury
Economic Development & Energy Efficiency – Economic Development
Economic Development & Energy Efficiency – Energy Efficiency
Energy Resource Management
Enterprise Shared Services - Corporate Support Services
Enterprise Shared Services - Fleet Management
Enterprise Shared Services – Human Resources
Enterprise Shared Services - Information Technology
Enterprise Shared Services - Procurement
Executive Offices
Internal Audit
Operations - Environmental Health & Safety
Operations – Support Services – Asset & Maintenance Management
Operations – Support Services - Engineering
Operations – Support Services – Operational Performance
Operations – Support Services - Project Development, Licensing & Compliance
Operations – Support Services - Project Management
Operations – Technical Compliance
Operations - Transmission
Public & Regulatory Affairs
Strategic Planning

For more information on New York State's Freedom of Information
Law, visit the website of the Committee on Open Government at www.dos.state.ny.us/coog/coogwww.html.