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Herbicide Notification

Strump treatmentNYPA's Right of Way (ROW) Vegetation Management Program is designed to support the safe and reliable transmission of electric power in an economically, ecologically and environmentally sound manner. We employ the process of Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) to ensure that tall growing trees and woody shrubs do not interfere with these critically important electric power transmission facilities.

IVM balances the use of cultural, biological, physical and chemical procedures for controlling undesirable species while at the same time promoting desirable low growing plant species such as shrubs, herbs, grasses, forbs and ferns, which enhance wildlife habitat conditions.

ROW treatmentThe program includes comprehensive site data inventory, mapping and analysis that allow for the creation of specific annual work plans. It also includes a defined and multi-faceted inspection program, as well as a framework defining minimum clearance distances and wire security zones for the continual protection of the conductors.

Vegetation on NYPA’s ROWs is controlled by a variety of methods.  Many years of research have shown that the lowest cost, long-term control is accomplished through the judicious use of herbicides, either alone or in a combination of mixtures.  The objective is the creation of a stable right-of-way plant community which minimizes the need for future maintenance.

Herbicides used either alone or in a combination are listed below.  Click on the herbicide listed to view the herbicide label.  All herbicide application methods are used in accordance with label instructions. If you have any questions please contact us at Vegetation.Management@nypa.gov or call 1-855-697-3637.

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