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Statement on NYPA Local Planning 

  • New York Power Authority (NYPA) does not have a service territory or a statutory obligation to serve load.  Thus, NYPA is not required to build new transmission projects to meet the needs of load.  

  • NYPA has no distribution or low voltage facilities and therefore NYPA has no local planning requirements.  

  • NYPA only undertakes transmission projects as authorized by its governing statute (New York Public Authorities Law §§ 1000 et. Seq.) at the behest of and in coordination with other Transmission Owners  to meet New York State electric reliability and economic needs.  

  • When a potential NYPA transmission project is identified, the facilities are planned   according to standards and criteria set forth by the New York Independent System Operator, the New York State Reliability Council, the Northeast Power Coordinating Council and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.