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Generating Sustainability
careful use of resources

Photo of treesThe Power Authority's extensive involvement in energy efficiency and renewable-fuel technologies also reflects our commitment to the environment. We stepped up these efforts in recent decades, when America recognized the need to produce and use energy more wisely. Our efficiency projects help customers use less energy, which reduces dependence on foreign oil and improves air quality. Our new technology initaitives demonstrate ways of generating electricity using clean, renewable resources. Our investments in energy services have passed the $1 billion mark, and our track record continues to attract international attention as we encourage others to improve their own energy usage.

With “sustainability” as our maxim, we’ve extended our environmental commitment into other areas as well. All NYPA-owned sites now use “green“ cleaning products that are biodegradable and low in toxicity. And, in early 2013, our White Plains office, the first existing building in New York State to receive a prestigious Gold designation under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recognition program, was recertified. It’s the first building in Westchester to be recertified, and the fourth in New York State.

Our 2010-2012 Sustainability Action Plan further reflects this commitment to a triple bottom line approach by holistically integrating business objectives with environmental and social concerns.