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GREEN AND GREENERSamples of some of NYPA’s sustainability efforts include a program to foster nesting terns (left) and installation of solar panels (right).

The New York Power Authority has been ranked one of the cleanest electric utilities in the nation. Our environmental record reflects a diversified energy mix, including renewable, pollution-free hydropower accounting for 70 percent of the electricity we produce; deployment of advanced pollution controls; and use of the lowest-emission fossil fuels.

We are also a leader in implementing energy efficiency programs and developing clean transportation and new, non-polluting energy technologies. All this demonstrates how we take our commitment to the environment seriously.

As the environmental, or “green,” movement expands, so are NYPA’s efforts toward “sustainability”—preserving our planet for future generations.That is why we have developed a comprehensive Sustainability Action Plan to guide the integration of sustainable practices into all facets of NYPA's operations.