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Coal Furnace Replacement


Photo of workers installing boiler

Workers install one of three new boilers at Buffalo's McKinley Vocational High School

In an effort to provide a healthier learning environment for schoolchildren, the Power Authority has replaced old, polluting coal-fired furnaces at 74 public schools in New York City, Buffalo and Great Neck with clean, modern natural gas- or oil-fueled boilers, using funds from Governor Pataki's Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act of 1996.  A total of $125 million in Bond Act Funds has been earmarked for the Clean Air for Schools Program.

Separately, we oversaw replacement of coal-burning furnaces at 12 New York City public schools under a $12.5 million pilot program, using NYPA funds and money provided through a federal program. The work from both programs has resulted in the elimination of 856,000 pounds of harmful emissions each year from the air that students and teachers breathe.

chiller replacement

Power Authority government customers—and taxpayers—benefit from a program providing for the design, engineering and installation of various types of energy-efficient chillers. By performing a life-cycle cost analysis, we can determine the most cost-effective chiller plant option based on a particular customer's operational and budgetary needs.