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How Our Programs Work

Our national award-winning energy efficiency programs are the centerpiece of our conservation efforts. Recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy, the American Public Power Association and the National Environmental Awards Council, the programs provide energy-efficiency improvements, with no up-front costs, to public schools and other government facilities. As part of our effort to save energy and reduce taxpayers' costs, the Power Authority has undertaken energy-efficiency projects at more than 4,000 public facilities across the state. These measures have reduced peak electricity demand by approximately 235,000 kilowatts—equivalent to the output of a medium-sized power plant—and lowered the utility bills of state and municipal governments by approximately $172 million a year. The measures have also reduced heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 992,000 tons a year and annual oil use by over three million barrels.

Photo of Lewiston Library
Lighting levels are up, and energy costs are down, at the Lewiston Library, thanks to NYPA lighting upgrades.

Lighting levels are up, and energy costs are down, at the Lewiston Library, thanks to NYPA lighting upgrades.

From start to finish, NYPA works with facility managers to identify, design and install new lighting and motors, as well as upgrades to heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. We try to address all energy efficiency improvements in a single, comprehensive effort.

The Power Authority began efficiency programs for its government customers in New York City and Westchester County in 1990. We expanded the programs to include state-operated facilities throughout New York in 1991, Long Island public schools in 1992, public schools and community colleges statewide in 1993, and county and municipal governments in 1994. (Profiles of representative NYPA energy efficiency projects)

Our own administrative office building in White Plains is a good example of the how energy efficiency improvements can translate into substantial savings.

We finance the projects, recovering our costs by sharing in the resulting electric bill savings. Once our loan is repaid, within 10 years or less, the participants retain all the savings. Our energy efficiency programs can cut energy bills by up to 25 percent. As added benefits, they reduce maintenance requirements and create new jobs for the production and installation of improvements.