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Southeastern New York is home to a number of our faciliNew York City Skylineties. These include:

  • NYPA's White Plains administrative office;

  • The Richard M. Flynn Power Plant in Holtsville, Long Island;

  • Small, clean PowerNow! power plants at six sites in New York City, in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, and another at Brentwood, Long Island; and

  • A 500-MW combined-cycle power generating plant in Astoria, Queens

Economic Development and Jobs

Low-cost electricity we supply powers subways, commuter rail lines, street lights, schools, hospitals and other public facilities in New York City and Westchester County, reducing bills for governments and taxpayers by about $250 million dollars a year.

We also provide affordable electricity in downstate New York to approximately 250 companies and non-profit groups helping protect nearly 250,000 jobs. Recipients include companies such as IBM, Kraft, Steinway Piano, The New York Times and Readers Digest and non-profit organizations such as the South Street Seaport in New York and Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, Westchester County. (Learn more about our economic development programs.)

Energy Efficiency

Our energy-efficiency programs in the New York City area at public facilities such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art help lower energy costs by more than $85 million a year and reduce pollution.

NYPA has passed the $1 billion mark in total energy efficiency investments at more than 2,400 schools, fire and police stations, hospitals, museums, libraries and other public facilities statewide. Fully half of those facilities—about 1,200—are in metro New York, and work to cut New York City’s power costs by $58 million each year. Here’s a sampling of our downstate work:

  • For New York City Transit, at the Coney Island Yard we upgraded boilers, installed five quick-roll-up doors to retain heat or repel cold, and converted the yard to cleaner number-2 fuel oil. At the Kingsbridge and Casey Stengel Bus Depots and the 207th Street Yard, we installed new compressed air and/or lighting systems.

  • For New York City schools, we installed lighting retrofits and upgrades and room occupancy sensors at PS 280, 56, 46, 91, 391, 86, 202, 72, 149, 345, 15 and 91; and IS 206.

  • For the NYPD, we put in energy-efficient lighting at the 40th, 41st, 44th, 49th  and 79th precinct facilities.

  • For SUNY and CUNY, we replaced steam traps and zone control valves, upgraded chillers and installed web-enabled metering throughout the Brooklyn College campus; replaced chillers at the Fashion Institute of Technology

  • In Westchester, we upgraded cooling and dehumidifying systems for Purchase College’s prestigious Neuberger Museum.

  • On Staten Island, NYPA installed a new energy management system at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

  • For the New York City Housing Authority, we delivered 25 high-mileage hybrid-electric vehicles for maintenance operations at the nation’s largest public housing agency.

  • And in Orange County, we worked with the county Department of Public Works to install LED (light-emitting diode) traffic signals. As demonstrated earlier with NYPA LED installations in 18,000 Queens traffic signals, the new fixtures last for seven years or more, and consume a small fraction of the power of the older fixtures. (Learn more about our energy-efficiency programs.)

New Technologies

Virtually emission-free, a NYPA fuel cell helps power the North Central Bronx Hospital, among the first hospitals in the nation to rely on such technology.We have also led the way in demonstrating practical uses of new technologies. We helped introduce the first electric-powered school bus in the Bronx and hybrid-electric transit buses in New York City, and installed fuel cell power plants and solar photovoltaic projects at a variety of public facilities in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island. (Learn more about our new technology and clean transportation initiatives.)

Community Involvement

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