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The Power Authority Announces Winners of Scholarships for Tuscarora Nation

Paul DeMichele

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July 1, 2009


LEWISTON—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) recently honored two winners of this year’s Niagara Power Project Relicensing Scholarships for Members of the Tuscarora Nation.

NYPA Regional Manager for Western New York, Horace Horton, presented the scholarship award certificates to Nicholas Titus Patterson of the Turtle Clan and Kaylee M. Oddo of the Turtle Clan at the Power Vista, the visitors center for the Niagara project, as families of the two scholarship winners looked on.

“These scholarships are among the many benefits that the Power Authority brings to Western New York as part of the relicensing for the Niagara project and they represent an investment in the future of New York State and the Tuscarora Nation,” said Regional Manager Horton. “We are grateful to be in a position to assist these bright young minds toward their promising future.”

The Power Authority provides two full tuition scholarships annually—for both academic excellence and community service—under a settlement agreement with the Tuscarora Nation for its support during the relicensing of the Niagara project. This is the third year of a 50-year annual commitment by NYPA to fund these scholarships.

The full-tuition scholarships, to any school in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, were awarded on May 21 at Culture Night at the Tuscarora Elementary School by the Tuscarora Scholarship Committee.

Both Patterson and Oddo graduated this year from Niagara Wheatfield high school and plan on attending Niagara County Community College in the fall. Patterson is seeking a degree in Health and Wellness and Oddo is pursuing either teaching or counseling.

Both Oddo and Patterson have made significant achievements in their academic studies and in community service.

Oddo was captain of the junior varsity basketball team, captain of the varsity lacrosse and basketball team and has won numerous awards for lacrosse, including the 2009 Niagara Gazette player of the year for Girl’d Lacrosse award. She has been asked to play lacrosse and basketball for Niagara County Community College.

Patterson was involved in many community activities, such as Awana and Vacation Bible School at the Tuscarora Baptist Church, where every Thanksgiving and Christmas he helped to deliver food baskets to those in need. He was one of three students selected to participate in the inaugural class of Leadership for the Youth of Niagara County (LYNC), which was compromised of over 20 students from across Niagara County. 

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