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World Travelogue Series Returns to NYPA Visitors Center

Steve Ramsey

March 25, 2008


NORTH BLENHEIM—The annual World Travelogue series returns on Sundays during April to the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project admission-free visitors center.

The 2 p.m. slideshow presentations for armchair travelers will be held in the visitors center theater, with refreshments served after each.

The schedule:

  • April 6: “Western Ramblings with Bill Massoth,” a look at the High Sierras, a Japanese-American detention camp, Red Rock Canyon, Boulder Bay and the Hoover Dam.

  • April 13: “The Erie Canal with Frank Taormina,” a brief history of the creation of the canal and photographic highlights of Taormina’s trip from Rexford to the Schoharie Creek aqueduct.

  • April 20: “Historical Mishmash with Bill Massoth,” a subjective and unique view of local history.

  • April 27: “The Historic Gilboa Movie with Samantha Clark,” a video documenting 250 years of prosperity and turmoil in what was once the largest settlement in Schoharie County.

Admission is free, but seating is limited and those planning to attend are asked to call 1-800-724-0309 for reservations.

Guests are also invited to enjoy the visitors center’s attractions, which include hands-on exhibits on such subjects as basics of electricity, uses of electricity and operation of the Blenheim-Gilboa project.

The visitors center is located on Route 30, 17 miles south of Middleburgh and five miles north of Grand Gorge.

 About NYPA:

■    NYPA uses no tax money or state credit.  It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity.  ■    NYPA is a leader in promoting energy-efficiency, new energy technologies and electric transportation initiatives.  ■    It is the nation’s largest state-owned electric utility, with 18 generating facilities in various parts of the state and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines.

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