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NYPA Electric-Drive Vehicles Pass 6.5 Million Mile Mark: Independent Study Confirms Significant Emission Reductions and Fuel Savings

Brian Warner

February 1, 2007


WHITE PLAINS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced that its clean transportation program reached new thresholds for miles driven, emission reductions and vehicle fuel savings in 2006.  

“Transportation accounts for 66% of the oil consumed in our country. To reduce petroleum dependency and promote cleaner air, we must move to alternative ways to fuel vehicles such as electric-drive technology. NYPA is helping to lead the way and our customers are playing a vital role in the effort,” said Timothy S. Carey, president and chief executive officer, NYPA. 

NYPA is a leading national proponent of electric-drive technologies. It has placed more than 850 vehicles in service with its customers and in its own fleet, and operates one of the most diverse electric transportation programs in the United States.  

There are currently some 500 NYPA-deployed electric-drive vehicles in operation with NYPA customers or in use by NYPA in its own operations.  During 2006, these vehicles traveled about 1.25 million miles exceeding the 1.1 miles traveled in 2005.  Since the inception of the NYPA program in the early 1990s, NYPA’s electric-drive vehicles have traveled a total of 6.5 million miles. At use in 33 of New York State’s 62 counties, these all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles replace conventional vehicles in a number of applications.  They are at work in communities spanning the state from as far north as Rouses Point and south to Staten Island, providing services which include mail delivery, equipment transport, parking enforcement, and employee and commuter shuttle services. 

An independent analysis, by M.J. Bradley and Associates, of NYPA’s electric-drive programs calculated reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and vehicle fuel use.  Based on those calculations, since the inception of the program, NYPA estimates its electric-drive vehicles have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 3,000 tons and saved 21,000 barrels of crude oil—which translates into gasoline savings of almost 400,000 gallons. 

"NYPA has been a pioneering leader of deploying electric transportation for many years," said Brian Wynne, president, Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA).  "NYPA’s proven and diverse electric-drive program is a model for others to emulate."

EDTA is the preeminent industry association dedicated to advancing electric-drive as a core technology on the road to sustainable mobility.  Its membership includes a diverse representation of vehicle and equipment manufacturers, energy providers (including NYPA), component suppliers and end users.

Highlights of NYPA’s clean electric transportation program in 2006 included: 

  • Introducing four Orion/BAE hybrid-electric buses into service on behalf of the Roosevelt Island Operating Authority in the City of New York.

  • Unveiling the Sprinter Plug-In Hybrid Electric vehicle in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute and vehicle manufacturer DaimlerChrysler. In 2007 NYPA will place a plug-in hybrid into service with a major New York City customer.

  • Replacing diesel-powered ground support vehicles with emission-free electric-drive vehicles at LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal, with additional airport applications planned.

  • Expanding work with state and municipal governments, colleges and universities to integrate clean, electric drive vehicles into their fleets.

Several other projects completed in 2006 relied on innovative technologies to improve air-quality by dramatically reducing emissions from existing buses and trucks:

  • Co-funding installation of emission control technologies on four NYC Department of Sanitation trucks with the Queens Clean Air Project. The emission reduction equipment will reduce particulate matter emissions by up to 90 percent.  The Sanitation Department plans to expand this demonstration project and ultimately retrofit the entire fleet.

  • Completing installation of similar emission control technologies on about 1,500 school buses through the Clean School Bus program in New York City.  NYPA also funded fueling of more than 3,000 school buses with cleaner diesel fuel, now mandatory in New York State. To date, these two NYPA efforts have reduced CO emissions by 233 tons, and eliminated both 32 tons of particulate matter and 28 tons of hydrocarbons.

NYPA’s recent clean transportation initiatives and accomplishments are available in The Electric-Drive Vehicle Report 2006 at

In 2007, NYPA programs will include plug-in hybrid demonstrations with several major manufacturers.  These hybrid demonstrations projects will include delivery trucks and field tests for hybrid school buses. Working with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, New York State Pupil Transportation Association and the New York School Bus Contractor Association, NYPA will co-fund the purchase of two hybrid school buses for use in different applications around the state.

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About NYPA:

 ■    NYPA uses no tax money or state credit.  It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity.  ■    NYPA is a leader in promoting energy-efficiency, new energy technologies and electric transportation initiatives.  ■    It is the nation’s largest state-owned electric utility, with 18 generating facilities in various parts of the state and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines.

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