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News Advisory: Dock and Buoy Removal to Begin

 October 12, 2006

The summer boating season on the St. Lawrence River has drawn to a close.  To prepare for the winter weather which will soon be upon us, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) will be removing the following docks and buoys beginning the week of October 16.  In order to ensure the safety of the workers and pleasure boaters, the docks need to be removed prior to freezing temperatures.

Town and Village of Waddington

  • Howard Park Docks

  • Whitaker Park Docks

  • Old Milk Factory Buoys

Town of Massena

  • Massena Intake Docks

  • Hawkins Point Dock & Buoy

  • South Channel Buoy

  • Massena Country Club

Town of Louisville

  • Sand Island

NYPA will notify the public in the spring when the docks and buoys will be reinstalled.  

CONTACT:                     Jill R. Chamberlain, Community Relations Associate, NYPA, at (315) 764-0226, ext. 300, or
(800)262-NYPA, if calling from New York State.

                                    Dan Parker, Senior Licensing Specialist, NYPA at (315) 764-0226, ext. 219, or (800) 262-NYPA, if calling from New York State.                                

 About NYPA:

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