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NYPA Teams With State OGS On Energy Efficiency Upgrade at Perry B. Duryea State Office Building

Brian Warner, NYPA

Christine Burling, OGS

April 21, 2006


HAUPPAUGE―The Perry B. Duryea Jr. State Office Building now ranks among the most energy-efficient government buildings on Long Island thanks to a $2.8 million upgrade completed through the New York Power Authority’s (NYPA) energy services program that will result in annual savings of $231,000 for the New York State Office of General Services (OGS), which owns and operates the building.

“Under Governor Pataki’s leadership, the Power Authority is committed to introducing a range of energy-efficiency measures and clean energy technologies to lower the electric bills of tax-supported public facilities and protect the environment,” said NYPA President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy S. Carey at an event Friday marking the improvements at the Duryea building. “This initiative is a continuation of our successful partnership with the state Office of General Services for $4.4 million in taxpayer savings from 28 energy-efficiency projects, and reduction of foreign oil use by 95,000 barrels a year.”

New York State Office of General Services Commissioner Daniel D. Hogan said, “Through this important partnership with NYPA, OGS is able to make energy-saving enhancements that not only save taxpayer dollars, but help support the efficient maintenance of our facilities.

The work that we’re marking the completion of today is the first of three phases of energy improvements supporting the Duryea state office building’s compliance with state codes and Governor Pataki’s Executive Order 111, for enhanced energy efficiency and use of clean renewable power”.

Under the first phase, NYPA installed three new 400-ton electric chillers and more efficient motors as part of upgrades of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. The measures also included replacement of an aging 1980’s-era energy-control system with a new computerized energy-management unit.

NYPA’s efforts on behalf of state-owned facilities are consistent with Executive Order 111 requiring state facilities to slash energy use by 35 percent by 2010, compared to 1990 levels. The Power Authority has also undertaken energy-efficiency initiatives and other clean energy projects for numerous local governments around the state, including thousands of public facilities in New York City and Westchester County served by economical NYPA electricity. Statewide, NYPA energy services have lowered electricity use by 193,000 kilowatts (kw), or enough power to meet the requirements of 155,000 homes, reducing the electric bills of tax-supported public facilities by $93 million a year.

The Duryea State Office Building houses regional offices of 16 state agencies, including the Departments of Transportation, Motor Vehicles, Education, and Taxation and Finance. Additionally, several state legislators have district offices in the building to handle a variety of constituent issues. Overall, there are nearly 900 people employed there.    

Later this year, NYPA will continue the energy-saving improvements at the Duryea building by replacing glass panels in the Atrium entrance way with a new glass-curtain wall and modified structural supports. Under the third phase of the work, it will install a 200-kw fuel cell capable of providing reliable electricity, and a 500-kw natural gas generator for operation in a combined heat-and-power (CHP) mode.

The fuel cell, funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, will use natural gas for 1.6 million kilowatt-hours per year, or approximately 24 percent of the electricity used by the building. Both the fuel cell and CHP generator will provide backup power in the event of any transmission problems on the electric power grid, and will enhance the building’s overall energy utilization. Together, the two installations will provide up to 900,000 Btus per hour and energy savings of more than 70 percent.

NYPA has completed 56 energy-efficiency projects at 198 facilities in Suffolk County, mainly public schools from Amityville to Wyandanch. These projects have saved taxpayers $8.1 million a year, while annually eliminating nearly 42,000 tons of greenhouse gases.


   About NYPA:

 ■    NYPA uses no tax money or state credit.  It finances its operations through the sale of bonds and revenues earned in large part through sales of electricity.  ■    NYPA is a leader in promoting energy-efficiency, new energy technologies and electric transportation initiatives.  ■    It is the nation’s largest state-owned electric utility, with 18 generating plants in various parts of the state and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines.

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