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NYPA Will Clean House with Green Chemicals

Carol Rodino
Clark Energy Center, Marcy: 315-792-8261
Albany: 518-433-6736

March 3, 2006


MARCY—The Power Authority’s Clark Energy Center is responding to an Executive Order by Gov. George Pataki with a program to purchase and use cleaning products that are biodegradable and low in toxicity to reduce the environmental impact of routine cleaning.

Executive Order 134 issued in early in 2005, recognizes that cleaning state facilities involves release of chemicals through evaporation of volatile components or leaving residue on cleaned surfaces, and directs state agencies to procure and use products minimizing potential impacts to human health and the environment.

At NYPA’s Clark Energy Center in Marcy, Pat Donnelly, Facility Materials Superintendent, said “The use of environmentally preferred products will benefit the environment and the health and safety of employees, custodial workers, visitors and other building occupants.”

The environmentally friendly products have been ordered and will be introduced at Marcy and at all other Power Authority facilities from Western New York to New York City within the next several weeks.

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