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N. Y. Power Authority's  Basics of Electricity Program is Underway

Carol Simpson
315-764-0226 ext. 304
Jill Chamberlain
315-764-0226 ext. 300

February 13, 2006 


MASSENA—The New York Power Authority has developed a “Basics of Electricity Program” to be presented to local schools.  The program, targeted for the 4th grade level, will teach students how electricity is generated and cover concepts such as the atom, static electricity, and current electricity.  In addition, a slide show on the St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project will be included.  Equipment such as magnets, coils of wire, galvanometers, a hand-crank generator and a Van de Graff generator, which will provide a hair-raising experience for the students, will be demonstrated.

If you would like to schedule the “Basics of Electricity” program at your school or have any questions please call Jill Chamberlain at: (315) 764-0226, extension 300.

In addition, field trips to our new Hawkins Point Visitors Center across the South Channel from the St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project in Massena also can be arranged by calling Jill Chamberlain at: (315) 764-0226 x300.  While at the Visitors Center, visitors will be sure to enjoy the wide array of interactive exhibits and displays.

Visitors are also sure to enjoy the panoramic views of the power dam from Hawkins Point.

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