Western NY Power Proceeds Allocation Board

A portion of the revenue NYPA earns from selling the power generated at the Niagara Power Project goes into a fund to support economic development in the 30-mile zone surrounding the generation plant. The state legislature passed a law creating the Western New York Power Proceeds Allocation Board to monitor the distribution of those funds. The Board solicits and reviews applications makes funding recommendations to the NYPA Board of Trustees. The capital in the Western New York Economic Development Fund results from the net earnings from NYPA's sale of unutilized expansion and replacement power. 

Funded projects support the growth of business in the region, leading to the creation or maintenance of jobs and tax revenues. Examples include:

  • Workforce development
  • Energy-related projects, programs and services
  • Capital investments in buildings, equipment, and infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Land for infrastructure
  • Research and development
  • Support for tourism