Proposal Form for St. Lawrence River Research and Education Fund


Date  ________________                               


1.         Applicant’s Information

a)    Primary contact

b)    Organization/Agency                     

c)    Mailing Address

d)    Telephone Number

e)    E-mail address                               


2.            Type of Project        

    Environmental Research               

    Environmental Education


3.         Project Name and Description

4.         Budget (attach a more detailed budget breakdown, if necessary).   The Board reserves the right to request additional information, as needed.



Salaries                                                 ________________

Labor/Contractors                                 ________________ 

Equipment/Material                              ________________ 

Other                                                     ________________

                                    Subtotal             ________________


Matching Funds                                    ________________


Total proposal amount                          ________________


SLRREF contribution requested        

(Total cost minus matching funds)       ________________


Contingency                                         (not to exceed 10% of Equipment/Material + Other)


5.         Schedule


Start date                                              _____________


Completion date                                   _____________


Major events, actions, milestones, progress reports, invoice submittal.       


Proposals shall be submitted to:


Cindy Brady

New York Power Authority

123 Main Street

White Plains, NY 10601

(914) 287-3153 (Voice)

(914) 681-6613 (Fax) (email)