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I.                                  PURPOSE………………………………….…...................1


II.                                 DEFINITIONS……………………………….….................1-2


III.                                COMPLIANCE OVERVIEW………………….…..............2


IV.                                          DUTIES OF THE DIRECTOR OF REAL ESTATE …....2-3


V.                                           ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS……....…………………..3-4


VI.                               ACQUISITION REPORTS BY AUTHORITY…...............4-5                  




I.         PURPOSE

1.1       These Guidelines and Procedures for the Acquisition of Real Property (“Guidelines”), which comply with Title 2, Article 9 of the Public Authorities Law, establish the procedures that detail the Authority’s policy and instructions regarding the acquisition of real property.  In addition, the Guidelines designate a contracting officer who is responsible for the Authority’s compliance with, and enforcement of, the Guidelines.


2.1       “Contracting Officer” shall mean the officer or employee of the Authority who shall  be responsible for enforcement of the Guidelines for the acquisition of real property. The “Contracting Officer” is hereby designated to be the Senior Vice President – Corporate Support Services , or the equivalent(s), or  designee.

2.2       “Acquisition” or “Acquire” shall mean to obtain title to or any other beneficial interest in real property in accordance with applicable statutes and these Guidelines.



2.3       “Fair Market Value” shall mean the estimated dollar amount that a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller for the Real Property in an arms-length transaction in the appropriate marketplace and under similar circumstances. 


2.4       “Real Property” shall mean real property, including land, tenements and hereditaments owned by the Authority, and any other interest in such real property, to the extent that such interest may be conveyed to another person or entity for any purpose, excluding an interest securing a loan or other financial obligation of another party. 


2.5       “Relative” is any person living in the same household as the Authority employee or any person who is a direct descendant of the Authority employee’s grandparents or the spouse of such descendant, as referred to in Article 5 of these Guidelines.





3.1       These Guidelines are being adopted consistent with the Public Authorities Accountability Act  (“PAAA”).


3.2.      The Authority may Acquire Real Property through purchase, eminent domain, state transfers of jurisdiction, lease and by other legal means.


3.3       The Authority’s New York statutory authority for land acquisition includes, without limitation, the Public Authorities Law, the Real Property Law, the Public Lands Law, the Eminent Domain Procedure Law and the Highway Law, as amended.







                                      4.1      The Director of Real Estate or the equivalent(s) or designee will maintain adequate inventory controls and accountability systems for all Real Property under the Authority’s control.


4.2     Real Property to be Acquired by the Authority will be in support of existing operating and transmission facilities or in support of new initiatives being pursued by the Authority. The Director of Real Estate or the equivalent(s) or designee will, in consultation with the other appropriate Authority staff (by oral or written communication), determine what Lands are necessary or convenient for Acquisition by the Authority. 


4.3       The compensation for and the procedure for such Acquisition must be consistent with these Guidelines and the Authority’s Real Estate Expenditure Authorization Procedures as amended.


4.4       The Director of Real Estate or the equivalent(s) or designee will arrange for the transfer or Acquisition of any Real Property identified for Acquisition by the Authority in accordance with these Guidelines and the Authority’s Real Estate Expenditure Authorization Procedures and as soon as reasonably practical under the circumstances.

4.5       The Director of Real Estate or the equivalent(s) or designee will provide all relevant documentation to the Authority’s Environmental Division to determine whether the Acquisition of Real Property is in compliance with the State Environmental Quality Review Act, and whether it adheres to the American Society of Testing and Material’s Guidelines for Environmental Site Assessments, if applicable.




5.1   No Authority employee who is involved in the Acquisition of Real Property, may ask any purchaser, grantor, lessor or officers, directors or employees of such current or prospective purchaser, grantor or lessor to reveal: (a) the political party affiliation of the individual; (b) whether the individual or entity has made campaign contributions to any political party, elected official, or candidate for elective office; or (c) whether the individual voted for or against any political party, elected official or candidate for elective office.
5.2       No Authority employee may take part in any Acquisition decision involving the payment of more than $1,000: (i) to a Relative; or (ii) to any entity in which a Relative owns or controls 10% or more of the stock of such entity (or 1% in the case of a corporation whose stock is regularly traded on an established securities exchange); or serves as an officer, director or partner of that entity.  If such situation arises, the employee must advise his or her supervisor of the relationship, and must be recused from any and all discussions or decisions relating to the matter.  



6.1       The Director of Real Estate or equivalent(s) or designee shall publish the following reports in accordance with these Guidelines:

                               6.1.1         Pursuant to Section 2800 of the Public Authorities Law, the Director of Real Estate shall furnish a report for incorporation in the Authority’s annual report which is distributed to the Governor, the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Finance Committee, the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, the State Comptroller and the State Authorities Budget Office.  This report shall include (a) a listing of all Real Property having an estimated Fair Market Value greater than fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) that the Authority Acquired during such reporting period and the name of the seller of the Real Property and the price paid by the Authority for the Real Property, and (b) a description of the total amounts of Real Property purchased without competitive bidding, including (i) the nature  of  the Real Property,  (ii)  the names of the counterparties, and (iii) where the price for the Real Property purchased exceeds Fair Market Value, a detailed  explanation  of  the  justification  for making the purchase without competitive bidding, and a certification by the Authority’s Chief Executive Officer  and  Chief  Financial  Officer that they have reviewed the terms of such purchase and determined that it complies with applicable law.


     6.1.2           The Authority may be called upon periodically to submit information regarding the Acquisition of Real Property to organizations implementing the PAAA or other statutes regulating the Acquisition of Real Property, such as the Authority Budget Office through the Public Authorities Reporting System (“PARIS”).


  6.1.3           The Authority’s Governance Committee meets at least three times per year and staff from Corporate Support Services/Enterprise Shared Services – Real Estate or the equivalent may, upon request, prepare and present ongoing reports regarding the Acquisition of Real Property.