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The New York Power Authority periodically purchases Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to meet the needs of its Green Power Program customers.

NYPA conducts semi-annual solicitations for RECs in the Spring and Fall, typically releasing REC RFPs in April and October; however this schedule may be adjusted as necessary to meet customer needs.

The Green Power Program is procurement based -- NYPA does not own, operate, or finance any of the projects in the program. It is further a REC-only program -- NYPA does not purchase the associated electricity, instead requiring the electricity to be sold into the NYISO wholesale market.

NYPA frequently purchases RECs from existing facilities to meet its customers’ incremental and short-term needs. Occasionally, when NYPA is able to identify sufficient demand among its customers, it may issue an RFP for the development of a new renewable energy project.

NYPA considers the Conversion Transaction process administered by the New York State Public Service Commission an integral part of REC transactions. Conversion Transactions may only be completed for RECs for which the underlying electricity was sold into the NYISO wholesale market: NYPA does not purchase ‘national’ RECs, but only RECs generated in the NYISO or imported from an adjacent ISO (PJM or ISO-NE).

Interested parties may add themselves to NYPA’s REC RFP Notification List.

Additionally, NYPA posts notices for all REC RFPs in the New York State Contract Reporter and posts all REC RFPs on its website.

For additional information on NYPA’s Green Power Program, please contact us at GreenPower@NYPA.gov.