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For Customers

The New York Power Authority’s Green Power Program offers a convenient, customizable, and cost-effective way for customers to ‘green’ their electricity supply by purchasing renewable energy in the form of RECs.

What are RECs? REC is short for Renewable Energy Credit or Certificate. A REC is the difference between purchasing regular electricity and renewable electricity. When a wind farm or other renewable resource generates electricity and puts it into the grid, it also generates a REC. While it is physically impossible to tell where the electricity coming out of your socket came from, if you purchase a REC to go along with it, you are effectively purchasing renewable energy.

Who is eligible to participate? All customers of the New York Power Authority, including ReCharge NY customers, as well as all public entities and non-profit schools in New York State, are eligible to participate in NYPA’s Green Power Program.

How do I participate? In order to minimize cost and maximize flexibility, NYPA semi-annually collects requests from our customers and competitively procures RECs to meet their needs. Customers interested in participating in the upcoming procurement cycle should submit their request forms by March 31 or September 30.

How much does it cost? Renewable energy costs a little more than non-renewable energy. That difference is the price of the REC. REC prices vary depending upon the technology (e.g. biomass or wind), the location of the project (e.g. New York or out-of-state) and market conditions. NYPA has purchased RECs between approximately $5 and $30, which translates to a cost of between 0.5¢ and 3¢ per kWh.

What if I have questions? Please review our FAQs or email us at GreenPower@nypa.gov.