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Boards, Committees and Members


John R. Koelmel – Chairman
Eugene L. Nicandri – Vice Chariman
Anne M. Kress
Anthony Picente, Jr.
Tracy McKibben

Audit Committee Members

Eugene L. Nicandri – Chairman
Anthony Picente, Jr.

Economic Development Power Allocation Board (EDPAB) Members

Samuel Hoyt – Chairman
Eugene L. Nicandri
Robert B. Catell
George Maziarz

Governance Committee Members

Anne M. Kress – Chair
John R. Koelmel
Eugene L. Nicandri
Anthony Picente, Jr.

Finance Committee Members

Tracy B. McKibben – Chair
John R. Koelmel


Western NY Power Proceeds Allocation Board

Anthony J. Colucci – Chairman
Deanna Alterio Brennan
Henry F. Wojtaszek
Brenda WIlliams McDuffie
Dennis W. Elsenbeck


Strategic Planning and Energy Policy Committee

John R. Koelmel
Anne M. Kress
Tracy B. McKibben