Trustees’ Meeting

March 23, 2010


Use this list to access a particular exhibit.  The exhibit(s) were either too voluminous or fashioned in a program not compatible to include in the actual minutes.


Consent Agenda


Item #4d       Employees’ Savings and Deferred Compensation Plans – Contract Award and Investment Fund Lineup


                        Exhibit “4d-A”


Item #4e        Lease of Office space – New York City Office, 501 Seventh Avenue


                        Exhibit “4e-A”


Item #4f        Review and approval of the 2009 Annual Reports of the disposal of Real Property and the Acquisition of Real Property


                        Exhibit “4f-A-page 1”

                        Exhibit “4f-A-page 2”


Item #4g       Review and Approval of the 2009 Annual Report of the Disposal of Personal Property


                        Exhibit “4g-A”


Item #4h       2009 Annual Report of Procurement Contracts and Annual Review of Open Procurement service Contracts


                        Exhibit “4h-A-1-Executive Summary”

                        Exhibit “4h-A-1-Charts”

                        Exhibit “4h-A-2”


Item #4i        Procurement (Services) Contracts – business Units and Facilities – Awards and Extensions


                        Exhibit “4i-A”

                        Exhibit “4i-B”


Item #4k       Annual Review and Approval of Certain Authority Policies


                        Exhibit “4k-A”

                        Exhibit “4k-B”

                        Exhibit “4k-C”

                        Exhibit “4k-D”

                        Exhibit “4k-E”

                        Exhibit “4k-F”

                        Exhibit “4k-G”

                        Exhibit “4k-H”


Item #4l        New York Power Authority’s Annual Strategic Plan


                        Exhibit “4l-A”

                        Exhibit “4l-B”



Discussion Agenda



Item #5          Q & A on Report – Chief Financial Officer’s Report


                        Exhibit “5d-A.”


Item #6          Annual Review and Approval of Guidelines for the Investment of Funds and 2009 Annual report on Investment of Authority Funds


                        Exhibit “6-A – Letter”

                        Exhibit “6-A-IV”

                        Exhibit “6-A-V”


Item #7          2009 Financial Reports Pursuant to Section 2800 of the Public Authorities Law and Regulations of the Office of the State Comptroller


                        Exhibit “7-A”

                        Exhibit “7-B”