Trustees’ Meeting

December 13, 2010


Use this list to access a particular exhibit.  The exhibit(s) were either too voluminous or fashioned in a program not compatible to include in the actual minutes.


Consent Agenda


Item #3b       Hydropower Contracts with Upstate Investor-Owned Utilities for the Benefit of Rural and Domestic Consumers – Transmittal to the Governor


                        Exhibit “3b-A”

                        Exhibit “3b-B”

                        Exhibit “3b-C”

                        Exhibit “3b-D1”

                        Exhibit “3b-D2”

                        Exhibit “3b-E”



Item #3e        Proposed Expansion and Replacement Power Contract with ITT Enidine, Inc. and Moog, Inc. – Notice of Public Hearing


                        Exhibit “3e-A”

                        Exhibit “3e-B”


Item #3f        Procurement (Services) and Other Contracts – Business Units and Facilities - Awards


                        Exhibit “3f-A”



Discussion Agenda


Item #4          Q & A on Reports from:


                        Exhibit “4-A” - CEO Report

                        Exhibit “4-B” – COO Report

                        Exhibit “4-C” – CFO Report


Item #8          2011 Operating Budget and Operation and Maintenance, Capital and Energy Services Budgets


                        Exhibit “8-A”

                        Exhibit “8-B”

                        Exhibit “8-C”

                        Exhibit “8-D”


Item #9          Filing of the 2011-2014 Four-Year Financial Plan Pursuant to Regulations of the Office of the State Comptroller


                        Exhibit “9-A”

                        Exhibit “9-B”