Trustees’ Meeting

June 30, 2009



Use this list to access a particular exhibit.  The exhibit(s) were either too voluminous or fashioned in a program not compatible to include in the actual minutes.


Consent Agenda


Item #2e        Niagara Relicensing, Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and Metropolitan Transportation Authority Customers – Service Tariff Amendments – Notice of Adoption


                                Exhibit “2e-A”

                                Exhibit “2e-B”

                                Exhibit “2e-C”

                                Exhibit “2e-D”

                                Exhibit “2e-E”



Item #2h        Procurement (Services) Contracts – Business Units and Facilities – Awards and Extensions


                                Exhibit “2h-A”

                                Exhibit “2h-B”



Discussion Agenda



Item #5c        Chief Financial Officer’s Report


                                Exhibit “5c-A”



Item #6          Power for Jobs Extended Benefits, Energy Cost Savings Benefit Awards and Economic Development Power Program Contract Extensions


                                Exhibit “6-A thru “6-C”