Trustees’ Meeting

March 25, 2008



Use this list to access a particular exhibit.  The exhibits were either too voluminous or fashioned in a program not compatible to include in the actual minutes.


Item #2           Replacement Power and Expansion Power – Service Tariff Amendments – Notice of Proposed Rulemaking


                                                Exhibit 2c-A – Schedule No. NP-F1

                                    Exhibit 2c-B – Service Tariff  No. 46

                                    Exhibit 2c-C – Service Tariff  No. EP-1



Item #9           Annual Review and Approval of Certain Authority Policies Exhibits:


A.                 Salary Administration Policy  (EP 2.1), last revised: 1/25/08;

B.                 Variable Pay Plan (EP 2.6) , last revised: 1/2/08;

C.                 Employee Benefits Eligibility (EP 3.1), last revised: 2/18/04;

D.                 Reimbursement of Employee Meal Costs (CAP 1.5), last revised 4/06/07;

E.                  Petty Cash (CAP 4.1), last revised: 6/15/06;

F.                  Attendance & Flexible Hours (EP 4.6), last revised: 8/22/03;

G.                 Vacation (EP 3.2), last revised: 1/1/08;

H.                 Sick Time and FMLA (EP 3.3), last revised: 7/18/02; and

I.             Travel (CP 2-1), last revised: 11/15/06.







Item #13         Annual Review snf Approval for Procurement Contracts, 2007 Annual Report of

Procurement Contracts & Open Procurement Service Contracts                         


                                                Exhibit 13-A3 (389 page report)