Trustees’ Meeting

March 27, 2007



Use this list to access a particular exhibit.  The exhibits were either too voluminous or fashioned in a program not compatible to include in the actual minutes.



Item #2           Financial Reports for February 28, 2007


                                Exhibit 2-A


Item #6           PURPA – Compliance with Ratemaking Standard – Notice of Adoption


                                Exhibit 6-A

                                Exhibit 6-B

                                Exhibit 6-C


Item #7           2006 Financial Reports Pursuant to Section 2800 of the PAL / New Regulations of the OSC


                                Exhibit 7-A


Item #8           2006 Annual Report on Investment of Authority Funds


                                Exhibit 8 – Section IV

                                Exhibit 8 – Section V


Item #9           Annual Review and Approval of Guidelines & Procedures for Disposal of Personal and Real Property


                                Exhibit 9-A

                                Exhibit 9-B


Item #10         Procurement Contracts – Awards


                                Exhibit 10-A


Item #11         Procurement Contracts – Extensions, Approval of Add’l Funding and Increases in Compensation Ceilings


                                Exhibit 11-A


Item #12         Proposed Hydropower Contracts with Tuscarora Nation & Niagara Project Host Communities – Notice of Public Hearing


                                Exhibit 12-A – Tuscarora Nation

                                Exhibit 12-B – Town of Niagara

                                Exhibit 12-C – Niagara Wheatfield Central School District

                                Exhibit 12-D – Lewiston-Porter Central School District

                                Exhibit 12-E – School District of City of Niagara Falls

                                Exhibit 12-F – City of Niagara Falls