Trustees’ Meeting

June 24, 2003



Use this list to access a particular exhibit.  The exhibits were either too voluminous or

fashioned in a program not compatible to include in the actual minutes.



Item #4 – Power Allocations under the Power for Jobs Program


                        Exhibit 4 - A



Item #9 -         Proposed Contract Amendment – Municipal Electric

                        and Rural Electric Cooperative System Customers                 


                        Exhibit 9-A



Item # 11 -      Procurement (Services) Contracts –

                        Business Units and the Facilities - Awards


                        Exhibit 11-A



Item #12 -       Procurement (Services) Contracts – Business Units and

                        Facilities –Extensions, Approval of Additional Funding

                        and Increase in Compensation Ceiling                                


                        Exhibit 12-A



Item # 13 -      Feeder Y49 Spare Parts – Authorization


                        Exhibit 13-A