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How to Apply for a power allocation

ReCharge New York (RNY) Power Program applications are available online through the New York State Consolidated Funding Application (CFA).  The CFA is a single application for accessing multiple funding sources from the state.  In order to be considered for an allocation of RNY Power, applications must be submitted through the CFA process.  You can access the CFA at http://nyworks.ny.gov or by clicking the hyperlink below under “Click here to begin the application”. 

If you currently have a CFA “in progress” you can log in using your email address and token as you have done in the past. However, if you have not previously started a CFA you will need to register before completing an application.  You will be asked to provide your email address, organization name, region and “project alias” (the name you provide to identify your facility).  Complete the sequence at the bottom of the page and submit.  The next screen provides a token or password.  Please print this page and save it for your records.  Applicants will receive an email from cfa@ny.gov with information on how to complete the registration process.

Once the registration process is complete please “log in” to the CFA.  You will be directed to the “Project Category” screen.  You can select either “Direct Assistance to Business" or “Energy and Environmental Improvements”.  Proceed to Type of Project and select “Low Cost Power”.  Recharge New York will be listed on the List of Programs screen.  Answer the “Threshold Questions” and click submit.  You should now be in the part of the CFA for ReCharge New York.

After completing the application, review it to make sure all questions have been answered and the information provided is accurate.  Incomplete or inaccurate information may delay the processing of your application.  Press the “Save Application” button.  You will then have to click the “FINALIZE” button.  If there are any questions that you did not complete a message will appear at the top of the screen.  Go back and provide the missing information and press “Save Application” and “FINALIZE again.  You will then have to scroll down on the page and click “BY CLICKING HERE, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MY APPLICATION IS COMPLETE AND READY FOR SUBMISSION”, which can be found under the “Please Acknowledge” section.  A confirmation email with your application number will be sent to you immediately.

Please keep in mind that as part of the application process it will be necessary for you to submit the most recent 12 months of electric invoices for all accounts for which you are applying. If you use a third-party energy services company, you must also submit all pages of those invoices for the same time period.  

Please submit these invoices to CFA.RNY@NYPA.GOV. 


As you complete the portion of the Consolidated Funding Application that is specific to the RNY Power Program, you will notice that some questions are designated as “Restricted Questions”.  The dissemination of information provided in response to Restricted Questions is intended to be limited to the Economic Development Power Allocation Board, NYPA’s Board of Trustees and NYPA staff.

If you need to disclose information you believe should be treated as confidential, please do so only in response to Restricted Questions.  Also, please identify in the “Other Information” section of the CFA all responses to Restricted Questions that you believe contain confidential information.  Once in NYPA’s possession, this information will be accorded the protections to which it is entitled under New York law, including Public Officers Law Article 6 (Freedom of Information Law).  

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