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OPTION 3: Capacity & Energy

Capacity & Energy incorporates the NYISO's Special Case Resources Program (SCR). Capacity programs are a key component to keep electric power flowing in New York State, especially during periods of high electric demand.

Capacity & Energy is a partnership between NYPA, the participant and Con Ed.

This option is appropriate for customers capable of providing load reductions for payment during the summer, the winter, or throughout the year.

Participants in this option that are located in Con Edison service territory may also be eligible to participate in Con Ed's Distributed Load Relief Program and have the potential to earn additional bonus incentive payments.

Option 3

Minimum KW


Minimum of 10 kW (must be measurable)

Curtailment method

On-site generation and/or interruptible loads


Generators require proper permitting by NYS DEC and applicable local permitting requirements


New York State

Curtailment period

January 1st – December 31st. Any day, any hours. Customers can enroll based on Summer (May-October) and Winter (November-April) capability periods.

  1. Capacity Payments: For the facility's pledged capacity will be 85% of the average NYISO Monthly auction clearing price for each month enrolled.
  2. Energy Payments: For verified performance by the facility during an event, the greater of $0.50/kWh or 100% of the market price during each hour of the event. The customer will also be paid 100% of the market price for participating in mandatory one-hour tests.
  3. Bonus Payments: If participating facility is in Con Ed service territory, may be eligible for participation in Con Ed's Distributed Load Relief Program (DLRP). Additional payments can range from $2-5/kW-month depending on the facility's location and participation.

Payment will be made at the end of each capability period, provided that NYPA has been paid by or received a credit from NYISO and Con Ed.



Two hour notification of activation with day-ahead advisory alert (21 hours)


Unlimited - at minimum, one-hour test in each 6-month capability period

  • Min. = 1 Hour
  • Max. = Unlimited

No Penalties




Review of hourly interval metering
data will validate performance

Required Equipment

Installed integrated hourly metering device

Cost of Equipment

Participant is responsible for cost of installation of metering equipment (if necessary)

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