Record-Breaking Numbers for Nesting Terns Highlight Success of NY Power Authority Relicensing Project in Buffalo Harbor2
NYS Departmentof Environmental Conservation Plays Important Role

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March 6, 2012



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LEWISTON— The New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced record numbers of common tern nests and chicks were achieved in 2011 in Buffalo Harbor as a result of the Power Authority’s  Common Tern Habitat Improvement Project (HIP), which built on earlier efforts to enhance nesting conditions undertaken by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).  The Common Tern HIP was implemented in collaboration with DEC and made possible through the relicensing of NYPA’s Niagara Power Project.  The results, compiled in the 2011 monitoring report, were the highest numbers ever in the 25 years of recorded common tern nesting activity in Buffalo Harbor.

“While informal observations pointed towards a very successful nesting and breeding season in 2011, it is gratifying to have the validation of the monitoring report—the first systematic documentation for the number of common tern nests and chicks resulting from the Power Authority’s now fully completed project,” said Edward Alkiewicz, director, Relicensing and Implementation, NYPA.

 “For many years to come, the NYPA Common Tern Habitat Improvement Project will provide improved nesting habitat and will encourage population growth for one of New York State’s threatened species,” said Paul McKeown, regional natural resources supervisor, DEC.

The common tern is a New York State-listed threatened species whose numbers have declined primarily due to loss of suitable nesting habitat.  The primary goal of NYPA’s Common Tern HIP is to provide a long-term stable habitat that can be used by terns for many years with little maintenance. 

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