New York Power Authority Completes $1 Million in Energy Efficiency and Water-Saving Projects at Village of Ossining

Denise Ellison
(914) 390-8168

August 27, 2013


Note: Web quality b-roll footage of Ossining projects available

WHITE PLAINS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) announced the completion of two energy efficiency projects at the Indian Brook Water Treatment Facility and the John-Paul Rodrigues Ossining Operations Center that will save the Village of Ossining $123,000 a year in energy and water costs.

More efficient fuel oil use will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the operations center by more than 15 percent, while enhanced water-flow control will ensure that the amount of water being processed by the village is closely calibrated with the end-use needs of its residents.  

NYPA provided $1 million in low-cost financing for the initiatives, commencing work in June 2012.

Indian Brook’s three vertical turbine pumps were replaced and new motor drives were installed to control high-efficiency motors that allow for operating at variable speeds.  At the John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center, a new energy efficiency boiler was installed, along with steam traps that minimize heat loss.

“Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, NYPA is steadily ratcheting up its statewide efforts to improve the energy efficiency of public facilities like those in the Village of Ossining,” Gil C. Quiniones, president and chief executive officer, NYPA, said. “We’re responsive to the specialized needs of local and state governments in helping to manage their energy consumption, as we work toward lowering their monthly costs for utilities and their resource demands.”

Every NYPA energy efficiency project results in savings that pay for the cost of the initiative. The total savings for each project exceed the cost of the upgrades over the lifespan of the improvements. Program participants repay the low-cost financing by sharing the savings with NYPA. After the costs have been repaid, participants retain all the savings.

“These NYPA energy efficiency programs provided the village with a cost- effective means to upgrade and improve our capital infrastructure, realizing immediate and future energy savings, and creating a healthier environment,” said William R. Hanauer, mayor, Village of Ossining.

The village government’s fuel-oil bills will be lowered by $19,000 a year. There will be another $104,000 a year in water-cost savings from the Indian Brook upgrades.  The filtration plant produces an average of 3.6 million gallons of water each day for the village’s 25,000 residents. 

The plant has two sources of available water—a free source from the Ossining Reservoir, which is not enough to serve the entire village, and a supplemental source that is purchased from the Old Croton Reservoir owned by the City of New York.  Older pumps at the filtration plant, operating at fixed speeds, could not be regulated. The new variable-speed controls ensure that the amounts of treated water closely match the actual use.

The previous boiler at the John-Paul Rodrigues Operations Center had an operating efficiency of approximately 75 percent. The heat energy emitted from the new high efficiency boiler supplies the same amount of energy as the older equipment but uses less fuel, at an efficiency rating of 83 percent. In addition, the replacement of 76 steam traps will result in reduced heating costs at the facility.

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