NYPA Trustees Award Contracts to Two New York Firms for Nature Center and Bridge Refurbishing

Paul DeMichele
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July 31, 2012


WHITE PLAINS—The New York Power Authority (NYPA) trustees on Tuesday approved competitive contract awards to two  New York State firms to advance the building of a new Nature Center at Robert Moses State Park in Massena and to refurbish the St. Lawrence-Franklin D. Roosevelt Power Project’s Barnhart Island Bridge.

The contracts are with Stieglitz Snyder Architecture of Buffalo, for $431,000, and Atlas Painting and Sheeting of Amherst, for approximately $10 million.

“The Power Authority regularly undertakes important, worthwhile projects in Northern New York—the home of our St. Lawrence-FDR Power Project—in our partnering with New York State firms on these initiatives,” said Judge Eugene L. Nicandri, a NYPA trustee and Massena resident. “The new Nature Center planned for Robert Moses State Park and the Barnhart Island Bridge refurbishing are perfect examples of our approach to the upkeep and responsible operation of the facilities at the St. Lawrence-FDR project and of our being a good neighbor in contributing to important community endeavors that closely tie in with our statutory mandate. These efforts also contribute to the state’s economy in our partnering with various businesses.” 

The three-year contract awarded to Stieglitz Snyder Architecture is for architectural, engineering and design services for the new Nature Center. The initial work is scheduled to begin in the fall, with building construction set to be completed in 2015.

Tuesday’s action on the Nature Center is part of the Power Authority’s earlier pledge to rebuild the facility, which burned down in March 2010 at its previous Robinson Bay Road location. The new center will have exhibits and classroom areas in providing a natural science education for the public, schools and community groups.

Since shortly after the 2010 Nature Center fire, NYPA has provided the necessary funding for the continued operation of the center at temporary locations, including at the St. Lawrence-FDR visitors center and other sites within Robert Moses State Park, in advance of a permanent new facility in the park. 

“We’re most appreciative of the Power Authority’s continuing support of the Nature Center operations and its rebuilding,” said Rick Marshall, president, Friends of Nature Center.  “The Power Authority has been an indispensable partner to the Nature Center in the aftermath of the fire, in its recognizing the value of the center and of the importance of keeping it going.”  

The two-year contract award approved by the NYPA trustees to Atlas Painting and Sheeting is for the painting and refurbishing of the St. Lawrence-FDR project’s Barnhart Island Bridge, the major link between the mainland and the generating project site.  

The scope-of-work will include surface preparation and painting, abrasive blasting, containment and disposal of lead-containing paint, the replacement of runway rail, the refurbishment of the existing maintenance trolley, and drainage system improvements. Work on the substructure will begin in 2013, with the entire restoration scheduled to be completed in 2014.

The more than 1,000-foot long bridge was constructed in 1956 by NYPA. While the bridge was repainted in 1978 and rehabilitated in 1997, the existing paint has exceeded its design life.


About NYPA:

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