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Governor's Energy Highway Initiative Moves Forward

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s vision for a New York Energy Highway took a major step forward on October 22nd.

Gil QuinionesMembers of the Energy Highway Task Force, co-chaired by NYPA President and CEO Gil Quiniones, presented Governor Cuomo with a Blueprint for modernizing New York State's energy infrastructure.

This comprehensive plan outlines a way to add up to 3,200 megawatts (MW) of electric generation and transmission capacity through private investments of up to $5.7 billion.

The New York Energy Highway initiative was introduced by Governor Cuomo in his 2012 State of the State address to ensure that New York's energy grid remains the most advanced in the nation and to promote increased business investment in the state. The Governor charged the Task Force with overseeing its implementation and enlisting the private sector.


Among the Blueprint’s 13 specific actions are plans to:  

  • Invest $1 billion for 1,000 MW of new electric transmission capacity

  • Initiate $250 million in new renewable energy projects, leveraging $425 million in private investment and creating 270 MW of new power

  • Modernize and repower existing inefficient, high emission plants to create 750 MW of power, enabled by approximately $1.5 billion investment
  • Generate 1,200 MW of additional capacity through approximately $1 billion investment to help meet reliability needs to address retiring power plants across the state
  • Accelerate $1.3 billion of investment in existing transmission and distribution projects to enhance reliability, improve safety, reduce cost to customers and reduce emissions.

  • Invest $250 million to develop Smart Grid technologies and create the most advanced energy management control center in the country.

  • Initiate field studies of Atlantic Ocean offshore wind development potential

The Task Force created the Blueprint after reviewing 130 responses provided by 85 entities including investor-owned utilities, private developers and investors in response to a Request for Information (RFI) issued in April. Public comments submitted on the RFI responses were also considered in the development of the plan as were publicly available reports and analyses.

To view the Energy Highway Blueprint, visit www.NYEnergyHighway.com.

The RFI responses and public comments are available on the New York Energy Highway website.